Investmen Casting ( MICROFUSION)

The microfusion process allows the production of more detailed pieces, with excellent surface finish; production of parts with minimal dimensional variations; possibility of using a wide variety of alloys; more flexibility during the process; production of pieces very close to their original form; reduction of the weight of the pieces; decrease in the machining process.

Contact info:

National Route N 11 Km 457
Sr.: Mauro Capisano
Phone: 0342 499 5824/25/26
Sauce Viejo (Santa Fe)

Also you can be contacted at our plant of ACERIAS 4C S.A. with the people listed below:

Ing. Augusto Capisano
Phones: 03471 472000 (líneas rotativas), interno 123

Sr. Edgardo A. Capisano
Phones: 03471 472000 int. 213

Operating Markets:

• Aerospace
• Guns
• Auto parts (cars, trucks, motorcycles, and such)
• Centrifugal pumps
• Components for medical and hospital instruments
• Sanitary fittings, and such
• Fixing and handling equipments
• Locks and safety equipments
• Manual and cutting tools
• Agricultural machinery
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Machinery and general mechanical applications
• Machinery and equipment for food and beverage industries
• Textile machinery
• Nautical
• Petrochemical
• Prostheses and orthopedic implants
• Valves

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